Somewhere in the middle of the mall lobby. A unique and striking set of brown solid wood cabinets with black countertops and clear glass display cabinets stand quietly. Together, they form a retro and atmospheric toiletries display kiosk. These brown solid wood cabinets reek of age. The texture of solid wood is natural and delicate, and each grain is a trace left by time, showing a unique texture and charm. The design of the cabinet is simple and generous, with smooth lines. Not only has the exquisite traditional craft, but also integrates the simple beauty of modern design.

High quality black countertop

The black countertop adds a calmness and dignity to the whole kiosk. It was like a mysterious obsidian, smooth and bright. With the brown solid wood cabinet formed a sharp contrast, but complement each other. On the black table, there are a variety of exquisite toiletries, which appear more eye-catching and prominent against the black. The transparent glass display cabinet is one of the highlights of the entire design. These glasses are clear and transparent, through the glass, you can clearly see the details of each piece of washing and care. They are delicate or gorgeous, or simple and practical, in the glass cabinet like a precious piece of art. The existence of glass not only does not block people’s sight, but adds a hazy aesthetic feeling, which makes people want to look carefully.Please clink here.

Solid wood cabinet glass cabinet assembly effect

When these multiple cabinets are put together, they form a well-arranged and well-layered display space. They are high or low, wide or narrow, and match each other to create a rich and harmonious visual effect. In this retro and atmospheric toiletry kiosk, every Angle has a unique view, and every detail is worth savouring. Imagine, either somewhere in a mall or in a quaint store, this toiletries booth standing quietly. The light from the top shines on the solid wood cabinet and the glass, making the whole display case shine. Customers are attracted by it, one after another to enjoy those exquisite toiletry products, feel the retro feelings. More and more customers are attracted to display cases, increasing the possibility of sales. A unique display case can actually increase your sales.

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This set of brown solid wood cabinets, black countertops, transparent glass display cabinets are assembled into a retro atmosphere cleaning products display kiosk. It is the perfect combination of tradition and modernity, the harmonious unity of art and utility. It attracts people’s attention with its unique charm and becomes an unforgettable existence. We are a professional custom design and production of furniture factory. With its warm and thoughtful service awareness and professional industry experience for countless customers from all over the world to design and produce satisfactory works. If you are now planning to start a new business, but do not know what kind of display case to choose. Please ask us and we will advise you on what is best for you.

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