Hello Everyone, i will introduce Medicine Display Shelving with Interior Design in Pharmacy for Sale to you today. Pharmacy are very common in our life. We will go to Pharmacy to buy medicine, health care products and cosmetics. If you have enough money, opening a pharmacy is a great business opportunity. Because people trust pharmacies when they buy things. And when you sell something in the pharmacy, people who need it don’t decide not to buy it because of the high price. Because they also know that the guaranteed item is really worth the price. Pharmacy do not need to be famous, there also have customers to buy products. 

About the pharmacy, we can do a design firstly. You can tell us all of your needs. If you have own the floor plan, it will be better. we can design it according your needs.  About the display rack, we can arrange the a suitable size of the rack in the pharmacy. The style of the pharmacy we will combine your idea and our designer idea. The medicine display shelving have many types and style. You can tell us what kind of the rack display your want, or we send some racks to you as a reference.

The deisgn include the 3D design photos and the construction drawings. The drawings will include more details and material, specific size.

The specific process of ordering products

  • You need to tell us all of your needs, we can do a design according your requirement( the size, style)
  • Our design team create and modify the design according to your personal requests.(300 USD design deposit. But when we confirm the order, it will be rebacked to your balance.)
  • We sign the contract after the design has been approved.
  • you need to pay 50% as a production deposit .
  •  We produce the kiosk according to the approved design.
  • Quality inspection.
  • Finished the kiosk, and packaged the kiosk
  • You arrange the 50% balance.
  • Arrange shipping for you.

About the installation, we will install it before we ship it, when you receive it, you just connect the wire together. Its not difficult for you.

Conatct Information

Contact Person: Karena Yang


Whatsapp or wechat: 008613410560420


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