Medical shop decoration design with display furniture custom display racks


What should you pay attention to if you want to decorate your medical shop decoration design?

1. when the drugstore interior decoration, the wall and ceiling to warm white on the line. The focuses of the drugstore interior decoration is the shelf. The choice of the appropriate drugstore shelf style and color can better coax the atmosphere of the drugstore. Shelf placement must ask professionals to give reasonable shelf placement recommendations. At both ends of the Nakajima shelf to add end shelf. Not only to ensure the space utilization rate but also to make the whole shelf more full.

2. The cashier is the key area, but because of the small pharmacy area is limited. Also, the cashier area can not be too small. At this time can only choose some flexible style combination success can enrich the cashier. The metope behind the cash register should make an advertisement space to come out the key arrangement. And the above part of the cash register is suspended in the air a piece of sign prompt. The front end of the cash register has a small shelf and family planning frame to wait, make full use of the effective area to display goods.


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