This a unique design mobile fast food cart for sale. And This fast food carts designed to combined food kiosk and shops  in mall.

The basic modular design is two single food carts. With the  size of each cart is 2.5*0.8 meter when you have a larger space in mall. You can connect this tow cart together and it will become a 2.5*2.5  meter kiosk , If you order more food cart, you can even make bigger food kiosks.

How to build a fast food carts ?

Besides easy move and high quality elements, The most biggest character of this food cart is the price is really low. Best price for one cart is only 1500 USD.

We are specializing in making food carts and food  kiosk with brand identity and visual identity. And help our clients to communicate their core value. Deliver the big picture to target audiences to ultimately achieve the objective.

Unique believe that food cart for sale design is a solution driven by research.  And analysis to improve communication by creating the visual language. We can clearly understand our clients’ situation and the purpose. So Unique will deliver creative solution along with the direction agreed in advance.

Finally, If you need a modular fast food cart for sale or need a customized food kiosk  , We are expert on it.


Chassis of this food cart for sale
integral steel frame construction and suspension components treated with rust resistant protective coating.
Fiberglass shell, the middle is made by cold rolled sheet ,anti-rusting paint, spray paint on the surface
Table facet and cabinet door are made by stainless steel
Cart body is made into seagull wings, defending the sunshine and rain and locking the Street Mobile Fast Take Away Food Cart.
Snack Vending Cart Color
Red, Yellow, Orange, Dark blue, green and so on.
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