water sink is widely used in customized mall kiosks production

As we know, as long as you want to do wash, wash hands, fruits, tools, etc. you will need a water sink. They are also widely used in mall kiosks, especially in food kiosks, Merchants will need to do wash to prepare the food or drinks. Some salon kiosks also need sinks, for example, a nail kiosk as usually will have a sink for people to wash hands, a hair kiosk will supply sink wash tools.

So Today I want to introduce some styles of sinks:

1. According to materials, the sinks widely used in mall kiosk are stainless steel sink and ceramic sink

Stainless steel sink is made of 304 food grade stainless steel. So it is acid and alkali resistant, oxidation resistant,  has   beautiful surface, can always keep bright as new and durable. In almost every food and beverage kiosk will need it.

The Ceramic sink is made of ceramic, so it surface is very smooth, looks bright and beautiful. Salon kiosks like eyebrow, teeth whitening, hair etc will also need sink, to match the kiosk, as usually will choose Ceramic sink.

2. According to the number of holes in the sink will include single sink, double sink, 3 compartment sink and porous sink.

Choose what kind will need according to your needs. Some countries like USA health department as usually will also for 3 compartment sink.

3. According to the assemble style, include countertop sink and foldable sink 

countertop sink is the normal sink fixed on the countertop, almost all furniture used this kind sink.

Sometimes to save space, foldable sink will used in mall kiosks, if your work space very small, and you can use this kind sink. it is very convenient when use just pull it our, when don’t use just push it inside is ok.


The above are some styles of sinks used in a mall kiosk, after you read, have you got more info about sink?

Through sink is very durable as usually, they also need maintenance so that can used longer.

Here share with you some steps about maintenance:

1. Do not touch hard objects or rusty objects with the sink for a long time.

2.If mineral deposits appear at the bottom of the tank, they can be removed with diluted vinegar and rinsed with water.

3.Clean immediately after use, dry and store, try not to let the water drop on the surface of the sink, because the high-iron content of water will cause the rust and high-mineral water to produce white film.

4.Do not clean the sink with iron rings or rough cleaning.

After read this page have you learned more about the sink?

If you wanna know more info just feel free contact us.

And weekend is up, wish you have a nice weekend!



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