Mall Jewelry Showcase Modern Jewelry Kiosk Shipped to Houston USA

Jewelry is a good gift that can give many people happiness. The boy can buy a ring for their girlfriend when they proposed it.

The choice of jewelry display cabinets is an important issue in the decoration of jewelry stores. It should not only be consistent with the overall style but also make the overall layout more reasonable. Some people say that “the value of jewelry display cabinets is just like the value of jewelry to women.”

3D design of the jewelry kiosk

This jewelry size is 10x12ft, we just shipped it to Houston port, USA. And the material is MDF with baking paint. The middle is for the cashier counter, and the around is the display showcase for selling the jewelry. The logo is the 3D Acrylic lighted logo. We can customize a new jewelry kiosk with your brand logo if you have your own brand.

It has an arc shape cashier counter in the middle and around are the glass display showcases. The pillar we make it both sides for the advertising TV. It can use to play pictures and videos. On the front of the jewelry kiosk, we add the customer’s logo. The lights of this jewelry kiosk are warm led strip lights, not bright strip lights. So that it let the whole jewelry kiosk look more comfortable.


How can we start the 3d design for the jewelry kiosk?

We suggest to start the 3D design to show you what it will look like. For the design, we will charge a 300USD  but will return it to you when order the kiosk. So actually the design deposit is for free. Our designer will provide initial sketches & 3D visuals to ensure we match your needs.

If you want any changes, we will change as you like. After confirming the final 3D design, we quote the costs and confirm all the details. The factory start to prepare the materials after we receive 50% deposit.

We will send the production pictures for you to check everything. After we receive the balance, we will provide properly packing and shipping in time then you can receive.

The size of the jewelry display cabinet

The conventional size of jewelry display cabinets is determined according to the placement, functional requirements and actual needs of customers. But the size of jewelry display cabinets has a certain standard range. The jewelry cabinet is a low cabinet, the regular size is length * width * height: 1200*600*950mm.

This data is the standard cabinet we often say, but the length is generally determined according to the size of the venue, there is no fixed range. And the width is generally 550mm or 600mm, the height is 900mm, 950mm, 1000mm, of which 950mm is the most common. The height of the glass of the jewelry display cabinet is 230mm-250mm, and the skirting line is 80mm-100mm.


The production time:

It will take about 25-28 working days after we confirm the final 3D design, construction drawing and all the details.


The shipping time:

It depends on the nearest destination port from you. We will check the shipping cost for you to the port or to your door to door address. Usually, if ship to USA need 30-33 days on sea.


The installation:

We will assemble the whole kiosk in our factory before we ship the kiosk. You just need to connect the male & female connector together, the kiosk is sparkling ready to use. If you still don’t know how to do the installation of the jewelry kiosk, we can guide you with the photos and videos.

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