Nowadays, when you go every shopping mall you will easy find mall espresso booth, not only western countries people like coffee, now almost every country drink coffee.

people love coffee of course because it has many benefits.

  1. The refreshing effect is remarkable. Today’s young people are under a lot of work and life stress, which leads to many people not getting enough sleep. Therefore, coffee has become a “just-need” for white-collar workers.
  2. Changeable taste. in line with young people’s psychology. Today’s young people like to “innovate for change” and have a natural ability to accept new things.

mall espress boothmall espresso kiosk

Totay i want to share you a nice mall espresso booth used in Saudi Arabia:

mall espress booth

This kiosk is 4m by 4m, you see it used dark coffee wood color match white, whole kiosk design is not complicated but looks very nice. You see this kiosk it has a dark coffee wood ceiling, each side of the ceiling has a round logo. The right side of this mall express booth is a bar counter with chairs, for people to sit and enjoy the coffee. Then on top are some lights.

Some basic info for this mall espress booth

1.Basic material: plywood with white laminate and wood laminate
2.countertop: used quartz stone
3.size:4m by 4m or customize as your size
4.accessories:logos, menus, hardwares, lights

What’s the steps to open a mall espresso booth in mall?

  1. You need to discuss with mall to find a good location. A good location mean not only need have big human traffic,also size need suitable, and you’d better ensure people can easy find you.
  2. You need to think about your espresso booth design.You need to think you want what kind style coffee kiosk, about color match, layout, have what machines, where to put logos and menus etc.
  3. you need find a professional design team to help you. You need to find a design team, tell them your needs, give them your logo, your machines, your ideas, they will help you design this kiosk for you see effect.
  4. After design approval, you need to find a good supplier to help you create this kiosk.

If you are interested in making a mall espresso booth and want more details, just feel free contact us.



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