Magnificent Coffee Kiosk Retail Crepe Booth for Sale

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Do you want a nice coffee kiosk to start a business? An attractive and high-end coffee kiosk helps you improve business and can also leave a deep impression on clients. The food kiosk is good to sell coffee, crepes, donuts, and waffles, etc. Here is a nice coffee kiosk sharing with you.

Unique coffee kiosk design

This coffee kiosk size is 3m by 3m, it has wood and metal to build the kiosk. It has a display counter, glass display showcase, wall shelves, ceiling, and brand sign. The main color is yellow with back decoration, creating a luxurious and high-end feeling.

Display showcase

There is a display showcase at the entrance, clients can see and purchase coffee beans here. It has a wood body with a base and the countertop has a glass showcase with shelves to place products. It has glass doors, which can keep food fresh and present good condition to the clients.

bread kioskCurved display counter

Next to the display showcase is a large curved display counter. POS system set here for checking out. Under the counter has a locked cabinet for storage. In front of the counter has a light lamp in yellow color, it highlights your kiosk and looks beautiful.

Working bench with wall shelf

The back counter mainly uses to prepare coffee and food. It has equipment set on the countertop for better usage. Water sink can also place here for better usage. While there are wall shelves to place wall cabinets, we can also add lighting here to create a good eye effect.

crepe kioskMenu wall

The brand menu wall is set in the corner, clients can check the price and their favorite dishes here. You can also add lightbox painting to show menu and even advertising.


The ceiling has the ceiling surrounded the lease line. It looks attractive and makes your food shop looks better.

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