Luxury White Mall Display Booth Perfume Kiosk for Sale

perfume kioskPerfume kiosk is a good booth in the mall for selling perfume and cosmetics. Everyone likes fragrance and wants to have a charming temperament, the perfumes are good choices. Here is a nice perfume kiosk sharing with you.

White perfume kiosk design

The perfume kiosk size is 3m by 2m, color is white, and wood color. It looks very elegant and makes the products look better. This perfume kiosk has a brand logo, glass showcase, display counter, and storage cabinets. We can also attach the logo and slogan on the counter to leave a deep impression on people.

perfume stand

perfume boothIntroduction of perfume kiosk

This perfume kiosk has a slope from bottom to top, protruding the perfume kiosk design. It has a total 2 L shape counter with a round corner, avoiding sharp corners. Each corner has a green plants decoration. Inside of the perfume kiosk has lock cabinets and drawers to store more items for sale.

On the counter, the table has a glass showcase with light lamp, the display counter has light to reflect perfumes. There is stainless steel frame supporting a brand logo, clients can see you directly. Besides, the counter table also has a light lamp to increase the brightness. It also has a floor with kicking lighting.

Real perfume kiosk effects in the mall

perfume display counter perfume showcase perfume cabinet

We can see the real looks in the shopping mall and how the perfume kiosk works. If you have new requirements, we can also add them to your kiosk.

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