Perfume is a magical existence. When a person who sprayed perfume walks gently, the fragrance it left makes people linger and forget to return, be deeply attracted. Now many people like to wear perfume. The perfume business has very considerable profits. If you want to start your own perfume business, then having an attractive display kiosk is very necessary.


Brand: Anti-display,

Material: MDF with baking paint,metal

Color: yellow


Service: 3d design, OEM, ODM

Style: industrail ,creative

Production time: 22-25 workdays

Payment: T/T Western Union


This perfume kiosk features a high end and luxury design. The main tone is white and black. These two colors are very classical and commonly used in most high end jewelry shops, having a better decoration effect.

It consists of a three style display showcase. The first one is the wall display cabinet. The top has the luminant logo, which is catch and customers can have a deep impression of your brand. The display area is like a birdcage, which is very innovative and designed. Each layer has enough luminance and can greatly show the charm of the merchandise. The base is the storage space. You could store and replenish your stock quickly. A large mirror allows people passing by to take a look in the mirror, which makes them pay more attention to the products next to them.

The display stand is very lovely with a cat-like shape, the mirror head, light tail, stand body, the whole design is very catchy. It can attract more people’s attention. The 1200mm*600mm provides a big display area. We could display our merchandise here and place the stand round the kiosk. When people pass by, they can attain the product easily.

The right side has small display stands. The top and the base are on display. The glass base is full vision, customers could check each view of the merchandise.


This kiosk finishes with mdf with baking paint. The surface is very shiny and smooth. The whole effect is very beautiful. What’s more, it is very convenient to clean.



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