Do you plan to open a eyeglasses shop in your country? As we all know, eyeglasses becomes more and more important in our daily life. With the fast development of society, many people wear eyeglasses recently. So if you are going to open an eyeglasses shop, you will make money and earn more. Today I want to share a nice designed eyeglasses shop for your reference.

White eyewear shop furniture with glass shelf for sale

We can see the shop layout clearly from the design picture. There are wall display shelves to place more products. You can put this glass stand in front of the sales window. Therefore, clients can view them from outside and enter in to pruchase. On the back wall, there is a long wall display with spot light. You can put a mirror here, so that people can see the effect directly. On the bottom are storage cabinets and drawers. Where you can restore more eyeglasses and potical products. You can also put tables and chairs here for rest when making the suitable eyeglasses. While you can put as more and more display cabinets for products and put a large reception counter for better usage.

3D design show

As for a retail eyeglasses shop, please don’t forget to add as more as spot light to high light your shop. Do you like this design idea? Let’s see the pictures together

eyeglass showcase

More information:

  • Main material: MDF, tempered glass
  • Surface: Baking paint or laminate
  • Size: 40sqm or other dimenion match your shop size
  • Color: White or other color you require
  • Design time: About 4 business days based on your idea
  • Produciton time: About 40 business days
  • Payment terms: 50% deposit before production and 50% balance before shipping

If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us. We will make a new one to meet your demands. Thank you for reading

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