Luxury Clothing Store Furniture Golden Stainless Steel Display Shelves

Women’s clothing is one of the largest categories in the apparel market. Because girls often feel that their clothes are not enough, women’s demand for clothes is much greater than that of men. There will be a market if there is demand, so if you want to open a women’s clothing store, how do you start? Hope this article can help you.


Here is the guide to open the clothing store for your reference:

First of all, before you start, you need to make a financial plan for the clothing store. It mainly depends on the size and decoration style of your store. So you need to find a suitable location to start your clothing business before that.
You need to get the size and floor plan of the store from the landlord first. After you get this information, please send it to us, and then we will propose a detailed plan.
Next, we need to start making 3D renderings of clothing stores. We will charge a design fee of US$500-800 for 3D design drawings of clothing stores, depending on the size of your store.
We will give the first design plan within 3-5 working days. Then we can discuss and modify this first plan. After we confirm the final design, we will start to make the detailed construction drawings and send the quotation to you.


About the design of the clothing store fixture:

This is a high-end clothing store design. The main material is golden color stainless steel. Stainless steel shelves all around. And you can see the acrylic outside and inside with the led strip lights. We can make the whole store furniture design customize for you. Include the shop effect, clothing store display shelves, display cabinets and so on.



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