Hello friend, nice to meet you here. Do you plan to open a coffee shop? We can see that the opening and closing speeds of independent cafes on the street are accelerating, and the surviving cafes have their own special features. Therefore, you might as well do more market research at the beginning of your business, and maybe you will stand firmer.

The survival of coffee shops in recent years is much better than in previous years. The continuous investment of those large coffee chain companies and external funds has brought more coffee consumers to this market. Now is a good time to open a shop. If you want to open a coffee shop, there are several points you need to consider in advance.

How to make a plan for coffee shop?

Learn from the catering company first and make a business plan. For example, what are the core competencies of my store? What are the characteristics of residents near my community? Who do you want to sell my coffee to? Where does the supply come from? How is my coffee priced? One of the most important questions is how to keep the coffee business fresh? When you follow on the plan, I am sure you can run the coffee shop well.

As for a new coffee shop owner,  you must sell other drink and food along with coffee. Which can help you win more customers and earn money. Many people wants to drink coffee along with cakes. And when you provide drinks like bubble tea, juice, smoothie, clients are likely to bring friends to your shop. Here is a coffee shop decoration for your reference.

Real coffee shop fixture show

From the picture, you can view every part clearly. And if you want to change somewhere, we can help you better.

bubble tea shop juice fixture drink shop coffee store design

If you need further information, please feel free to contact us. Thank you

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