Luxury Makeup Counter Atmosphere Cosmetic Kiosk to Massachusetts

Recently, cosmetics become very popular among people. Not only females but also men focus on their skin condition. As cosmetics can improve your temperament and make people look more attractive. Now, I want to introduce a novel cosmetic kiosk to you. It has fashionable looks and high-end decoration, it can both use in the mall center and cosmetic shop. Let’s see the details together.

Description of the cosmetic kiosk

As we can see on the front side, there is a cosmetic display counter in the middle. Also, you can put the samples of eyelash pressed powder, lipstick, etc. So customers select the cosmetic color, try and see the effort. There is an L shaped stepped display cabinet on the right side. This can not only increase the display space but also guide customers to purchase. The left side has a small glass stand glass display showcase. You can place attractive items here for attractive.

You must notify the backside wall in the picture. It has a high display stand with light and posters. Clients can also sit down here and accept beauty make up services. You can serve two people at a time. What important in cosmetics are mirror and light. Because people like to buy cosmetics from high-end and fashionable cosmetics stores. If you have no idea to high level your cosmetic kiosk, please don’t miss this shop design.

3D design picture show

The attractive cosmetic shop will have more clients, our exotic cosmetic kiosk will make your shop become more attractive, it has a unique design, exquisite workmanship, and durable material, color is suave white match charm black, very fashionable, most of all, we can make it according to your need, believe you will be love it.

Basic information:

  • Item name: Unique cosmetic kiosk
  • Function: Display cosmetic and provide services
  • Size: customized according to your shop size.
  • Color: white and black or customized for you
  • Main material: MDF or plywood.
  • Surface: white and black paint finish.
  • Cabinet: wooden cabinet.
  • payment: TT, Western Union, 50 % deposit, 50 % balance before shipping.
  • packing: This cosmetic kiosk+foam inside+wooden box outside. We will package the kiosk well for long-distance delivery. 

The story behind the cosmetic kiosk

Today I want to share a story of this kiosk with you, a few months ago, a customer browsed our website and saw this kiosk, he very likes it, so he contact us quickly, he told us, at first, he didn’t want to open a cosmetics shop, when he saw his mother’s aging face, he felt very sad, so he decided to keep his mother’s face, he opened a cosmetics shop, after hearing his word, we all very touched, had to say, the cosmetics really amazing, they not only make us young, but also make us happy. we inspired by customers, according to his demand, we made this kiosk, and send it to the customer, when he received our kiosk, he very happy and very satisfied, most of all, his business very well. he also hopes our business more and more thriving. Our business relationship begins with this order.

Please note that we only sell high-quality kiosks, and our aim is to customize their own display cabinets for each customer. Our purchasing department purchases better raw materials for us for manufacturing almost every day. The workshop workers pay great attention to details and craftsmanship. They have strict requirements for themselves, which is why our products are so popular. I am sure that you will also like our unique kiosks and likes to cooperate with us in the near future. Thank you for reading.

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