Lovely candy sweet shop design chocolate store display cabinet

Sweet food can make us feel happy. When you feel sad, you can go to the candy shop to buy candies. Meanwhile, because the cost of the candy is low, in the early start, a candy business does not need a lot of budget. An attractive candy shop design is very essential for your candy shop business.

The shop location, the rent, purchasing cost, and store display showcase cost and so on. These are all questions that need to be answered before you even consider starting a business. Here we have a lovely candy sweet shop design chocolate store display cabinet, let us have a look.



The 3d candy shop design we offer to you includes the design of the store display furniture, shop ceiling design, shop flooring design, and lighting effect. On the two sides of the wall of the candy shop, it has the wall display cabinet with several display shelves. For every display shelf of the candy wall display cabinet, we will install some small spotlights on the top.

In the middle of the candy store has a display stand. It has the acrylic dispenser to display many kinds of candy. The surface finish is the sticker and under the stainless steel toe kick has the led strip light.



If you want to make a candy shop, please share your shop floor plan or the shop size with us. Please feel free to discuss with us the details of your favorite shop style or anything. The important step is to make a customized candy store design.

For a customized candy shop design will charge a design deposit. It is according to your shop size, big shop charge more design fee.

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