Lighting Shop Interior Design Ceiling Lights Wall Cabinet For Sale

What are the preparations to open a lighting shop?

The first thing you need to open a store is to have sufficient funds. If you want to open a lighting shop, you need to consider the level of local economic consumption and pay attention to the location of the lighting shop. For example, choosing near the building materials market is a good choice.

The layout of the lighting store:

The decoration of the lighting store plays an important role in the display of the products. It is necessary to fully consider all types of lamps in the store, including chandeliers, ceiling lamps, crystal lamps, European lamps and so on.

Therefore, the height of the ceiling in the store cannot be less than 2.8 meters, and the installation position of the ceiling and wall lamps should fully consider the size of the reserved area. The wall width should not be less than 0.5 meters, and the ceiling grid should not be less than 0.8 square meters. If possible, 4-6 1 square meters of headlight positions should be reserved in prominent positions.

A good lighting store must have one or two brands to attract consumers. A good brand can not only drive the sales of other products but also increase popularity.

The popular types of lamps:

Lamps are also a kind of product that are updated and updated quickly. This mainly because of the variety of lamp categories and shapes. The lamp shop should combine market demand when selecting samples. But the style of the lamp should not be too much. For example, each product has no more than 3 colors. 3-5 units per model are fine.

Tips for opening a lighting shop:

Draw lessons from the sales experience of others, make a good pre-opening promotion, try to expand the influence, and make some special products to benefit consumers. At present, there are not many lighting manufacturers equipped with after-sales installation services in the market. After the after-sales service, they have won more consumers than competitors. You can cooperate with professional lighting installation service platforms to smoothly connect lamps from sales to installation. , The service is done well, the market will be wider.

How to decorate the lighting shop?

The decoration of a shop is very important, and whether it can attract customers to decorate is also very important. The main colors of the store should not be too complicated, one or two are enough. Try not to collect too much natural light in the light of the lighting store. You can use the light from the lamps of the lighting store.

The layout of the store should be reasonable, and headlights or products with relatively large sales should be the main ones, occupying a prominent position. Other products are built around them, using corners and cylinders to place a few small lights. The design of this lighting shop is very modern and individual. The wood-grained floor matches the white walls. The design of the cash register is white with wood grain color, and the customer’s logo is also customized on it. The effect of irregular patterns and Led strip light is very good.

In the middle of the shop, it has a display showcase for some small lights. And the back side wall has some wall display cabinets. On the top it has the acrylic letters for the brand of those lights. The ceiling has many ceiling lights then the customer can choose whatever they want.

Please welcome to contact our team to make a unique lighting shop design. Just send the floor plan of your lighting store, then we will customize a new lighting shop for you.

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