Do you like coffee? When we feel tired or sleepy, we can drink coffee to refresh ourselves. The taste of coffee is very mellow, so it is very popular.  The most popular brand of coffee is Starbuck. It is a global brand. In China, we also can see many branches. Besides Starbucks, there are countless other brands of coffee shops. If we want to accomplish a global brand, then our brand must have a certain degree of popularity. We can start with the taste and service of our products. The raw material of coffee is very important, we need to choose some good coffee beans and research on how to make a delicious coffee. The design of the coffee shop and logo should also be attractive. People can see your logo and your store and know it’s your brand. A typical coffee shop consists of tables, chairs a bar counter and some decorations. Today I want to share with you a beautiful coffee store, if you want to design your coffee store, it can give you a reference.


Description of coffee store

The style of this store is quiet and elegant. Give a person the feeling of hundred years old store. Personally, I like the atmosphere, drinking coffee quietly by myself. It is a good place for afternoon tea. We can see this store has some desks and chairs. The bar counter is where customers order their coffee and pick up. A wall rack behind the bar counter can display coffee beans or coffee cups and other tools.

This furniture can be made of plywood and laminate, the bar countertop is made of man-made stone. It is very durable and easy to clean. The color of the table and chair can match the color of the whole store. Tall chairs can be placed in front of the bar counter, and customers can sit there and enjoy the coffee.

Do you like this coffee store design? If you want to create a unique store, you can contact us. We can according to your store floor plan to design your store. You also can tell me your requirements, we can according to your idea to design it. Design time for a store is about 5 working days. We have our factory, so we also can provide the furniture. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Cathy Zhang


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