Ladies shoes retail racks high-end display showcase for shopping mall

Shoe store storefront decoration, the decoration can not copy, have their creativity and characteristics. And include the store’s business philosophy. The proposal designed according to the position of the shoe store to decorate a style accordingly. The shoe store that does a brand. For instance, which decorated want atmosphere, those who sell fashionable dress shoes want avant-garde vogue. Those who sell recreational shoes want enough recreational romance. So the shoe store decoration design to pay attention to what details?

1. A good sign.

First, the personality of the store name, neat decoration company list window. Often more representative of a store characteristics. The signboard design of the shoe store wants simple and distinctive when the shoe store window is designed. Meanwhile, the requirement is neat and bright. But the shoe of individual character to attract eyeball dye-nail inside. Had the better match on a crystal, adorn on a few plants and flowers, reveal vitality is dim with nobility and elegance.

2. Purpose of lighting.

Second, especially in women’s shoe stores lighting plays a key role. The same pair of women’s shoes lighting and do not set the light out of the show effect is completely different. Especially some pieces of high-grade women’s shoe show must be used to decorate the company daquan spotlights foil. The color of the lights should also be appropriate.

This is a high-end shoe shop design we made for a customer from USA. The whole shop is looking really beautiful. You can see on the 3d design, it is material MDF with white color baking paint. And also rose gold stainless steel for some corner and frame. Our design team can make a new 3d design of the whole shoe shop for you to see the effect. This is why we need to make the 3d design first. If we make the 3d design, we will know how many shoe display showcase or stand for the shop.


Shenzhen Unique Furniture Ltd. pays attention to the development and designation of production. We have a professional design, manufacturing and installation workgroups, according to customers’ specific requirements provide a deal service. We can provide product& service with optimum quality, the most reasonable price and the best service achieving a win-win situation.

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