Kids clothing shop furniture interior decoration retail clothes store design

With the rapid development of economy, more and more family only have a child. With regards to this, they prefer to meet all of child’s requirements. For example, buy the latest toys, clothes, snacks, etc. So some businessmen do business that it is related to children’s hobby. It is the main market to sell products for children.

This is one of our kids clothing shop 3D design. Everything is designed to fit children’s requirements. Like display shelves, stairs, sitting area.

We know every shop with a theme to express their ideas, to attract people. From the above 3D designs, we can see that the owner decorated interior design according to children’ s hobby. Like, there are three puppets with the latest clothing in it,  which next to the entrance door.

It is the window, we put wood stairs in it to show clothes, shoes, handbags, pillows and so on. It is short, so children can choose clothes by themselves.

Besides, the display area not same as the common one, which display in several rows of in the shop. It is showed as up and down, also install lamps next to clothes furniture. At the same time, the floor matches the furniture in the shop, it looks very beautiful!

If you want to get a new shop which belongs to you, please feel free to contact us. We will help you design a new store to show your ideas and requests in it.


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