Hello good morning everyone. Welcome to our company website, we are online and please feel free to contact us. Today I want to share a Juice kiosk store furniture fruit juice kiosk display showcase for sale.

I. Signboard Design

The design and installation of the signboard must be novel, eye-catching, and concise, both beautiful and generous, and can attract the attention of customers. In a general sense, a well-designed signboard can better attract customers.

2. The appearance design

The design is the overall feeling of a freshly squeezed juice drink shop, which can reflect the grade and personality of the freshly squeezed juice drink shop. Can be divided into modern style and traditional style. Most of the stores are in a modern style, which has a certain incentive for customers with a strong sense of the times.

3. The color design should give a clean and refreshing feeling

The wall surface can use a large area of ​​color blocks. In addition, you can post some juice pictures and the introduction of drinking juice methods and benefits. The overall color of the wall surface is warm The light should be soft and the lighting should be cute. It’s better to have some background music.

4. Design of entrances and exits

When designing the population of freshly squeezed juice drink shops, it is necessary to consider factors such as the business area, passenger flow, geographical location, service characteristics and safety management of the freshly squeezed juice drink shops. If the design is not reasonable, it will cause crowded people or goods to be exported without being seen by customers, which will affect service and sales.

The 3D design drawing of the Juice kiosk store furniture fruit juice kiosk display showcase for sale:

How to start the fruit juice store furniture design?

If you want to open a fruit juice store, you can search the design on our company website.

First, the store furniture design we will charge 500-800 USD design deposit. It depends on what size of your location.

Second, we will send the 3d first draft to you within 3-5 working days after we receive the design deposit.

Third, we will make the changes for you if you don’t like the first draft.

In the end, we will make the construction drawing after you confirm the 3D design.


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