This is  LUX BUOUX Jewelry retail kiosk design for mall. With a simple and dark color concept  , the whole kiosk extending a luxury & elegant feel.  Four pieces of angles lights installed on the four color , Not only give the lights of the kiosk . But also level up the kiosk design .

Unique kiosk is a leading mall kiosk manufacturer specialized in food kiosk & retail display . Jewelry retail as as traditional business has many fetal followers, Opening a jewelry retail shop in mall are considered a very smart ideas. In order to success in a jewelry retail business. No matter you are selling gold or silvery , even jade or else. A nice and modern kiosk design are necessary. Company to normal retail shops in mall. Jewelry display stall must have the ability to level up the brand itself.

If  you want to custom design and build kiosk or jewelry display showcase. We are the best cooperator. With 17 years experience in exporting mall kiosk all over the world. We know exactly different mall criteria and material standards. If you are looking for easy building mall retail furniture. Welcome to contact us. We will never let you down.

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