Jewelry is a very popular product, and we can see it on many important occasions. Such as meetings, parties, or weddings. So many people have started the jewelry business. In fact, jewelry stores are not as popular as kiosk shopping malls. In China, there are at least 2-3 jewelry display stands in every shopping mall. I think the situation in every country is similar. Glad to know that you are also in need of the jewelry display stand. Nowadays, it’s a great idea to open a jewelry kiosk in the mall center. When you are going to open a jewelry shop in the mall, please choose a high-quality cabinet and can better showcase your items. A unique jewelry kiosk decoration can help you win more customers and convenient to provide services. Here is a new jewelry display stand for your reference.

Jewelry Display Stand Information

Size: 12x15ft

Basic Material: Plywood

Surface finish: Solid Laminate

Glass: 8mm and 10mm tempered glass

Production time: About 30 working days

Others: LED light, mirrors, sockets, acrylic logo, stainless steel kick

Mall Jewelry Display Stand Description

We all know that the jewelry stand is composed of many independent display cabinets and some workbenches and signs. Their displays are not necessarily the same. Today, let us take a detailed look at how many cabinets this stand has.

Pull-out panel display cabinet

This jewelry display stand is very special. Its size is 12x15ft. The display cabinets on both sides of 15ft are the opening method of the pull-out panel. It has two layers, the lower layer is a bevel display, we can put our jewelry tray here. The inside of the bottom of the slope can be used as a storage space. The upper layer is the shorter display shelf. We have installed baffles at the bottom of each of our shelves, and our jewelry trays will not fall when placed on them.

The two sides of each display cabinet are mirrors, which can reflect our jewelry. Let our jewelry look extended and the quantity is relatively large. The overall effect is very beautiful.

Adjustable glass display cabinet

On the 12ft side, our display cabinet is a glass shelf display, and its glass display has two floors. All can be adjusted in height. The width of the upper layer of glass is relatively small, and the width of the lower layer of glass is relatively large. The inclination of the glass can also be adjusted. So it can be displayed in many ways.

We will install light strips on the top of the glass, and the brightness of each display case is sufficient. Customers can see our products very clearly.


Irregular corner display cabinet

Due to the awkward position of the corners, we cannot make it into a normal shape like other display cabinets. So we designed it to be irregular, a bit like a flower shape from the top. If this kind of corner display cabinet has a door on the inside, the door space is very small. However, considering the safety issue, the customer chose to install the door inside, so we could not open the door of this corner cabinet from the outside.

Due to its relatively large size, we suggest making the door outside, so that our corner display cabinet can be put on the necklace model to display our necklace.

Workbench/Repair Desk/Cash Register

For jewelry cabinets, the cash register is very important. Most people will have a safe, and our safety can be placed in our cabinet. There are three cabinets in the middle of this stand. They can be used as our work desk and cash register. The cabinet in the middle can be used as our storage cabinet, and our main wire is also designed in the cabinet in the middle.

Our customers have other machines besides safes, such as microwave ovens or refrigerators. These machines can also be placed in our cabinets. We set up sockets and adjustable shelves inside, and we can adjust the height of our shelves according to the height of our machine.

Hign Sign for Screen and Logo

Generally, high signs are allowed in commercial premises, and their height is 2-2.4m. Most of them display our advertising machines and logos. Advertising machines are installed on the jewelry display stand, they are used to play our jewelry food or promotional videos. Customers can also see our logo from a distance.

If you want to make our stand brighter, we also choose to install a lamp on the top.

Production Physical Map

Since this stand is more complicated, after we confirm all the details with the customer, the customer confirms the order. All our stands have a detailed construction drawing. It contains all the dimensions and materials. Our customers will also check our construction drawings, and we can start production without any problems.

The material of this stand is plywood and surface-mounted laminate. Its workload is very large and tedious, so it will take a little longer. Below is the picture of this jewelry display stand when our communist production is completed. The color of the light strip at the skirting can be adjusted, which is also done according to the requirements of our customers.

Jewelry Display Stand Assemble

As I mentioned earlier, this jewelry display stand is composed of many independent display cabinets. Each of them is a separate and complete cabinet. When we receive the goods, we need to put them together according to the position of the design drawing, and then connect the male and female connectors at the bottom of them. There is a wire in the middle cabinet which is connected to our workbench. Because our main wire is set on our workbench. After connecting the wire on our stand, connect our main wire to the mall, turn on the switch, and our stand can work.

How to order this jewelry display stand?

If you like this stand and your size is just the same as this jewelry display stand, we can make a similar one according to your requirements. You can change its color, and we can also put your logo on the stand. If your size is different from the size of this stand, we need to design a new stand according to your size. Whether you need the same or similar, we all need to design another kiosk of our own. Because our shopping mall will ask us to provide our own design to them for review.

We have our designer team, they can help us to design the stand. Our design fee is 300$, it includes the 3D design and the construction drawings. We can help you get the mall approval. When we place an order, the design fee will be returned to you.

What is this jewelry display stand’s price?

The stand prices of different styles, sizes, and materials are different. This jewelry display stand size is 12x15ft, it is made of plywood and solid laminate, with two 32in advertising machines, the price is 11k.


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