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With the progress of the times, the trend of development. In ancient China, there was a custom of women applying rouge and gouache. In foreign countries, there is the development of perfume. Both men and women have their own perfume. Today, the way of becoming beauty has become more abundant. The ancient rouge gouache turned into today’s cosmetics, plastic surgery.

People created many ways on the road to love beauty. More and more people started to write articles on their nails. Not only do you paint beautiful colors on your fingernails, but also your toenails. Others become more focused on their eyebrows. I think that the natural eyebrows are not pretty. Then choose to go to the beauty shop to have eyebrow tattoos again. Just like men often need to shave, eyebrow tattoos have changed from being unfamiliar at the beginning to being accustomed to now. Everyone has the love of beauty. This is why there are more and more beauty and nail shops on the street.

Salon Kiosk Introduction

  • Application:beauty nail in mall,salon,shopping center
  • Price:accoring to the size and style
  • Fee:nail kiosk design and packing
  • Installation:Easy for you
  • Light:LED lights, spotlights
  • Design time:3 working days
  • Packing:suitable for sea shipping
  • Produce time:15-25 working days after the design approved
As shown in the picture on the left, the beauty and nail shop is divided into two areas and four parts. One part is that there are 7 nail positions in the store. Manicure services can be performed for multiple customers at the same time. In the middle, there is a waiting area for four people. When there are more customers, they can rest. Or a companion comes to accompany and wait. The other part is the beauty or beauty part. There are not many seats available, only two. The part of the side logo light box is the cashier area, which is convenient for customers to check out the cash after completing the project.

Salon Kiosk Details

  • Main Material

The main materials we use are MDF and plywood wood panels, and we have adopted a baking varnish process. There are two options of gloss and matte. And the cabinets making are generally good-looking and strong and durable. The desktop is smooth and easy to clean up. Installation is also easier to operate. Just follow our instructions to operate.
The LED light box adopts ul and ce certified LED lights. Long service life is guaranteed, and the light source is stable and healthy. And they have reached cooperation with well-known brands. All the materials we use are safe, healthy and environmentally friendly.

  • Steps for inner packing

We usually divide it into several steps:
1. We will clean up the whole kiosk and devided them to several parts for better delivery
2. Every parts should be well packed by PE foam 
3. The corner should be protacted as well
4. Bubble packing for third protect to make sure you received the good products
  • Shipping details

We always use fast and on time delivery.Within 25 working days after receiving deposit by sea. If you have a shipping agent, please inform us at first, then we will recommend shipping agent for you and make a quotation including transportation fee for your choosing. Or if you have any objection with transportation fee, please inform us, we will remove transportation fee and contact with your shipping agent before delivery time.

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Shenzhen Unique Kiosk Furniture Ltd  is a customize factory that manufactures good & high quality display showcase and mall kiosk, starting from 2006. The company provides the customized products and OEM service. We have our own factory and professional design team. Our company provide free 3D design and best service. All the kiosk we customize for the customers with their own requirements. ( size, logo ).

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