On a hot day, nothing could be better than having a cold drink and eating ice cream. In the summer, they are hot sales and merit the reward! For many people, especially the young, the first thing that comes to their minds is to choose cold beverages when they hangout with friends in the mall. It will fresh themselves and get happiness. In this post, I will introduce the ice cream kiosk for your reference.

The Layout Of Ice cream Kiosk


Color: wooden color ,white ,blue.

Main material: Plywood ,MDF with laminate

Function: Sell ice cream

Design idea: Meet customers’ requirements

Design time: 3-7 working days

Production time: 25-28 days



We can see in the picture, it is a simplistic looking kiosk and contains the top consisting of some bars, which look more natural and unique. A menu is put up in the middle of its right side. When people wait inline, they are able to see the list in advance and decrease the time of other consumers. On its back, you can show the poster of your products.

Below the top, it is a working area. On the counter top, there are some equipment machines putting here for workers to operate. and the food material can be stored in the cabinet below the counter top. There is a food  glass display. It includes two raw stainless steel boxes, used to place the ice cream. Around its sides, some light strips are working silently without being exposed. Near the display, there is a box. You could put a paper cup or the CE cream scoop. This kiosk also includes a cashier counter and a small wooden door. Though its side looks small, it has a catering area. Here, it has long bar counter and  four high stools.compared to the other kiosks, it is a good choice for people to rest and enjoy their food.

The outside of the bar counters, they are supposed to post some attractive stickers about ice cream. Also, it is a good space to brush your logo. In the middle of one side of the frame, there is a 3D logo, it is fresh. You can send us your logo in PDF when we do the design and it will be shown in that.


We can see this kiosk uses many bars and most of its main materials are plywood and MDF with laminate. The different parts need to use different materials. Such as the working area where it needs to use the water, it has better to choose the plywood instead of MDF.Because the plywood is more waterproof than MDF. Also, the other material in this kiosk is stainless steel, which is durable and not easily corroded. It is safer to store ice cream.

How to Design

First, you need to tell us your specific requirements, including your size, logo, favorable color and so on. We can customize it for you.

Second, for the customized 3d design of this kiosk, it charges 300$ design deposit. The design deposit is a small part of the total cost and will be deducted from the total cost when you order.

And then, if you have any modification, we will assist you modify it to help you get approval from the mall. The design will cost 3-7days, the early you pay the design fee, the early we can produce.


When we finish the design, the workers will be in strict accordance with the requirement. The first work is to produce a wooden display. After that, we need to polish and smoothen its surface, which will easily put the baking paint in the next step and make it look more glossy. Finally, we will install the whole complete, including tempered glass gate, light strips and door head.



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