Sunglass fashion kiosk is one of the best and profitable mall kiosk ideas. It’s quite easy to start a sunglass fashion kiosk in mall. However, for some beginners who do not have any experience still feel hard. It seems like a different shopping mall will have different criteria.  that requires you read and follow the guide carefully and build the kiosk according to it.

Mall used fashion kiosk design ideas

How to start a sunglasses retail kiosk in mall? how much cost for a mall kiosk rent? how much revenue can a fashion kiosk make? Hereunder are simple 5 steps that will help you start a mall used sunglass retail fashion kiosk.

1, Start a fashion sunglasses kiosk design.

Whether you start a fashion kiosk or beauty kiosk or retail kiosk. a business plan is the first thing to do. Make a kiosk design with 3D Max or find a professional design company helps you set up a design. You clearly figure out the right display fixtures you need.

Check here one nice and modern fashion retail kiosk carts for mall

fashion kiosk for sunglasses

2. Get a lease rental from target mall

When you finished a fashion kiosk design, the design must include 3D rendering and construction CAD drawings. You need to take this design and going to a target shopping mall and ask for a lease. Something, the mall will give you a different size, then you have to ask your design to modify and adapt the design into the new size.

Due to this reason, I highly suggest that vendor who want to start a mall kiosk design, go to the shopping mall first and ask for the dimension than make your design. This not only saves your time but also spend less money on design. Furthermore, it will make the work more efficiency

3. Register a business license.

This is quite a simple step. going to government office sign some necessary paper and you can get a business license.

4. Build and install a kiosk in mall.

Find a reliable mall kiosk manufacture build your fashion kiosk.  Bear in mind that some of the suppliers do not provide install service. That means you have to spend another cost to set up a kiosk when you got them. So, if you want to easy, just get a local contractor and make sure they build the fashion sunglass kiosk exactly following the drawing.

5. Hire workers and open your kiosk.

Finally, all the things ready, you just need to get some staff, check and place sunglass on each display racks. then choose the right time to open your kiosk.

sunglass display stands

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