Now we can see many delicious food shop advertising online. This shop always have many nice shape foods. Whatever the taste, if the shape very nice or special. It always can attract a lot of people. So, the same is true for a shop. If your store is more special, beautiful, it also can attract a lot of people for you.  Like people, a beautiful person always can give someone a good impress. And for a shop, you have to make it looks clean and comfortable. So the shop layout and decoration are very important to make your business booming. A good food shop’s benefit is people can eat something in there. They also can have an afternoon tea,listen to the music,that’s a leisure good place.  So, in order to make your food shop more attractive. I want to say my ideas about the shop layout and decoration.


First, your layout must be looks very clean and tidy. You should arrange the number of chairs reasonably. If you shop is small,but you want to put some chairs. You can make the counter with the table and chairs, just like this.

Or if your shop inside have not enough space, but the outside allow you put some tables and chairs. You also can do that. Compared with no seats, people are more willing to go to shops with rest places. So i think it is very necessary to set seats, which will bring more customers to you.

If your shop is large, you can put some special shape tables and chair.  But also need to control the amount. It’s no recommend to put many tables, that looks very crowed and uncomfortable. We should leave room for our customers to create a spacious environment. The tables and chairs can according to your business to make their color or shape. If you have a pizza shop, you can try to make some yellow or orange table or chair. That’s fit in thepizza color and looks coordinate.

About the counter, that’s very important part. Every shop need counter to receive customers and service with them. The counter height shouldn’t too high. In general,we make it about 1.2 meters. If your food is only allowed to be packed.  You can set up a counter with two sections, one for ordering and one for taking food. Different shop have different layout, if you don’t have idea, we will help you.


It’s very important to decorate your shop. Many hot shop is based on its shop inside decorate,so can attract many people. Many young girls like to take pictures. When they go to visit your store, they tend to take pictures,not to eat. If you want to make your shop wall not so monotonous, you can paste some wall poster. The style like fresh and natural, you can choose this wall sticker.

If you like calm and elegant style, you can choose the wall stickers like this. These have many color and patterns, you can choose the style you like to decorate your wall.  And the cost is so low that you can buy a lot of them for a small amount of money. If you don’t have a lot of budget for wall decoration, you can choose to buy this wall stickers.

One of the decorate way is the poster light box, you can put your price list or adverting pictures in the box. When connect the circuit , it will shine and that looks beautiful. People can see it very clearly.

Don’t forgive the decorative lighting, it also can bonus points for your store. And the light color can be the same with the table or chair. It makes your shop look more harmonious and comfortable.


Outside decoration is really important to your business. Sometime even if your shop decoration again good, but there is no decoration in outside.  A lot of people do not know what you are doing. Your storefront can’t attract their attention. They don’t go to your store. So we also need to decorate our shop outside. You can put your big light logo in your storefront signboard. That’s logo have to special and beautiful, no too easy, just have few letters. It can be a combination of graphics and letters, that’s the better logo.  The more common is put a menu in the door. That’s very easy thing, and it can show your business clearly.

That’s all my ideas about to decorate the shop. If you have your different ideas, you can tell me and let us discuss about that. If you have your shop but you don’t know how to make it more beautiful and attractive. You can find us. We will design the prefect one for you.

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