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We all know that there are various food kiosks in the mall, how to attract the attention of customers in the numerous kiosks? Delicious food is a basic condition, and the key is having a unique kiosk to show your product.


As the picture show, we can see a practical car shape sweet food kiosk. The whole design looks stylish and cute, which is very easy to leave a good impression on people.

The interior layout includes a small cash register, a juice extractor, two sinks, and multiple storage cabinets underneath, and a frozen food display counter. The countertop is surrounded by tempered glass, it’s convenient for customers to keep a moderate distance from the kiosk. In the back of the car shape kiosk, there is a small sofa with two tables, which can use as a client waiting area or as a seat to enjoy your delicious food.  And any type of logos and posters are available according to your needs.

What we are showing is a clean and tidy kiosk. can’t see any wires and sockets leaking outside. It is very safe to use at work. Our workers have rich experience in installing wires at the kiosk. Also, it’s easy to connect wires when you receive the kiosks. Furthermore, whether you sell it in the mall, on the street, or anywhere place, we can create unique designs for you that can support any shape and size.


All the kiosk equipment we can offer. When you need any equipment, just make an equipment list for us, we will add in the design. And send the 3D design to you for confirmation when it is finished. No matter what color or style you need, our company’s professional design team will help you design your ideal kiosk, and base on your demand step by step.

For Quality: we have more than 14 years of experience making displays. we have a quality control system to ensure good quality.

For Price: we have our own factory and offer you competitive prices.

Besides, if you want to open a shop to start a business, Unique can make the overall shop design for you, design a shop that will satisfy you, and also provide you with professional advice when you need help.

Unique Furniture is a direct sales and custom factory that has customized different types of kiosks for different countries. We commit to producing and designing products that satisfy you!

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