Coffee shops and coffee kiosks are very familiar places to buy coffee. Its taste is very unique, and many office workers like coffee very much. It can refresh and promote our metabolism. Its benefits are many. That’s why it is loved by so many people. It is conceivable that the coffee business must also be popular. Coffee display kiosk in shopping malls appear in many shopping malls, and their sizes and shapes are different. Today I want to introduce one of the styles.

Coffee Display Kiosk Details

This coffee show kiosk is not fully enclosed. It is composed of two types of cabinets. The front counter is mainly for cashiers, customers picking up meals and making some snacks, and a cake display area. Some coffee cup models or products can be placed on the outside of the counter. Customers can purchase if they are interested. The rear is mainly the storage shelf and the first-level seating area of the work area. We can set up large machines and sink cabinets here. Some green plants or other decorations can be placed on the laminate.

The floor mainly depends on your own ideas or the requirements of the mall. We can provide if you want.

Size: 6x4m

Basic material: Plywood, Metal

Surface finish: Laminate

Floor: Plywood, PVC

Skirting: Stainless steel

Production time: About 28 working days

Price: 9800USD

Coffee Display Kiosk Design

We are a customized company if you want to start your business in the mall. We need to apply for a location with the mall first, and then design a kiosk for the mall to review. The design of this kiosk can be designed according to the location we get and our brand. It can be customized. Whether it is size, material, or style, you can design it according to your ideas.

Our designers will help us design. After the final design is completed, it can be sent to the mall for review. We will also accept advice from the mall to help you get approval. So design is very important. It is our first step to start an order.

Coffee Display Kiosk Production

After confirming the design, we can start production. All our cabinets have a construction drawing. We will send construction drawings to our factory, and our workers will strictly follow our drawings to produce.
The substrate of this kiosk is plywood, and the surface treatment is laminate. The process of laminates is more complicated and takes more time. Because every corner has to be pasted, the construction is a bit cumbersome. We will install sockets and sinks. Due to its relatively large size, its kiosk will be split into several parts for production. When you receive the goods, you need to put them together according to the design drawings. The installation of the floor is the same.

We will show you the installation process when we finish the production. If you still don’t understand, you can ask us if you receive the goods.

The order process for the coffee display kiosk:

Our design team can customize a new coffee kiosk with your logo and size. For the design, we will charge a 300USD design deposit. It will deduce from the total cost when you order the kiosk.

This coffee kiosk design not only can use to sell coffee but also can display and sell fast food and cake. If you don’t like this kiosk color, we can change it to any color you like. Also, the size, the logo can be customized. So we can meet all your requirements.



The design time: 2-3 working days when we receive the design fee

The shipping time: It depends on the nearest destination port from you. We will check the shipping cost for you to the port or to your door to door address.



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