Sunglasses are a very fashionable product. They can increase our own charm and help us block strong ultraviolet rays. Even people who have no desire to buy will choose to give it a try when passing a glasses kiosk or glasses shop. The sales volume of the retail kiosk of sunglasses in the mall is very impressive. Because of its geographic location and high traffic volume, our products can get a lot of exposure.

Sunglasses Retail Kiosk Details

The size of this kiosk is relatively small, it is composed of four small cabinet characters. One of them is a workbench, on which is a machine. The small cabinet on the side can be used as a cash register. The other three are all sunglasses display cabinets, and their display methods are different. This can enrich the content of our kiosk. There are mirrors installed on the side of the kiosk. Around the mirrors are light strips. They can provide customers with a clearer view.  

There are drawers or cabinets on the inside of each display cabinet, which can store our tools or inventory. There are light strips installed on the top of our laminates. In addition to providing a brighter environment for the product, they can also be used as kiosk decorations.

Size: 4x2m

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Others: Tempered glass, stainless steel, LED light, mirrors, sockets, sticker


Sunglasses Retail Kiosk Production

The surface treatment of these cabinets is baking lacquer, they have three colors, yellow, black, and blue. Because there are many kinds of colors. Before starting the paint, we will choose the color first, and then we will start the paint after confirming the color. Baking paint is a very common process. They need to be baked at a high temperature and then left for a while.
After the paint is finished, we will install drawers, cabinet doors, sockets, electric boxes, transformers, mirrors, logos, and stickers. All we provide are complete cabinets.

You only need to provide your original logo and stickers.

Kiosk Assemble

The assembly is very simple. Just put the separate cabinets together. In addition, we also need to connect the male and female connectors at the bottom of them, because the whole kiosk uses the same wire and they are all hidden. There are transformers, electric boxes, and main wires in the cabinet at the cash register. You need to connect the main wire to the mall, and then it can work normally.

The customer did not request the floor, so we do not provide the floor. If you need a floor, the assembly of the floor is the same. Since the floor is relatively large and heavy, it needs to be divided into several parts during production. When you receive the goods, put them together. If you need to connect the cabinet to the floor first, then we will also install wires on the floor.

How To Order The Sunglasses Retail kiosk?

If you want to start your business in the mall, then we must provide a kiosk design to the mall for review. The person in charge of the mall will check whether our kiosk style and materials meet their requirements. Therefore, the design is very important. Without design, we cannot produce a kiosk that fully meets the requirements of you and your shopping mall. So if you want to order a kiosk, first we have to design.

We have our designer team, they will help us design a kiosk that meets your store requirements. The design fee is $300, and the design and details we provide can be directly submitted to the mall. Because they contain all the details of the entire kiosk. If the mall has comments, we can modify the design. When we place an order, the design fee will be deducted from your balance payment.

When the design is approved, you need to pay a 50% deposit and we will start production. The production time is about 25 working days. After the production is completed, you need to pay the balance payment and freight, and we will ship the kiosk to your country. The above is the ordering process of our kiosk.

What is the design time?

About 2-3 working days

What is the kiosk price?

It depends on the final design. But we can give you an estimated price if you tell us what kiosk size you need and send us a kiosk reference picture.


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