According to different positioning, the value of the jewelry displayed is also different. If your positioning is biased towards the middle end buyers, then our jewelry cabinet design should also achieve the corresponding decoration style, so as to attract these buyers. There is a jewelry kiosk that may help you start your business.


Material: MDF with baking paint; laminate with fire-plate

Color:white or custmozied

Size: 3*3M

Service: 3d design, OEM, ODM

Style: Modern

Design time: 3-7workdays

Production time: 22-25 workdays

Design fee:300USD

Payment: T/T Western Union


This one features a simple and modern design. The main tone is white, which is very classical and popular used for the jewelry business. They have a better decoration effect.

The kiosk consists of several single displays. On the front side, there is a light logo here. We have lots of logo options, stainless steel, acrylic, hallow out and so on. You could choose your preferred or we can make the matched style in your kiosk.

On its right side, the base of the glass case features the sunshine stone and golden pattern. The design will look more luxurious and beautiful.. and its display area has two layers. You could place enough merchandise here or the jewelry with the mannequin. By this way, customers could directly check the upper effect.

Light system

The light is the key to creating an elegant atmosphere. There are several light strips round the inside displays. The enough light can make the jewelry kiosk look more high end and even increase the value of jewelry.

The toe tick also has a shiny light strip. The light color options are available, such as white, warm, and so on. You could feel free to choose them.


The glass uses the ultra clear glass, which is very popular used in jewelry kiosk owing to their high permeation rate. They can completely show the jewelry’s original effects and features.

The base and surface material have two options, mdf with baking paint or laminate with fire-plate. Both of them have good quality but the price is a little different. Please contact our sales if you want to know more details.

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