For a retail store, the display cabinet against the wall is very common and one of the most popular pieces of furniture. The wall display cabinet has a small footprint and large display capacity, which is the first choice for many people. The candy store is no exception. Many times, the corner of our shop is a blind spot, and this space cannot be used well. At this time, we can choose to use some cornerback cabinets. We can do it in an L shape or an arc shape, just like the furniture shown below.

Wall Display Cabinet Details

This display cabinet is very popular. It has a relatively large size and is mainly placed in the corner. In order to make it look more beautiful, we designed the corners to be curved. This will not make people feel too sharp from the visual. It has a total of three floors, and the space we can display has four floors. We have installed light strips on the top of each laminate, they can bring enough lighting to our products. At the top of the display, cabinet are several spotlights, and there are two storage cabinets below, we can store tools or some inventory.

Size: 140x150x240cm (Support customization)

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Color: Purple, orange, yellow… (Support customization)

Light: Light strips and spotlights

Toe kick: Stainless steel

Price: 1350 US Dollars

Production: About 15 working days


Wall Display Cabinet Craft

The production steps of this kiosk are mainly divided into four steps. Make wooden cabinets, polish, paint and install. One of the most time-consuming and complicated is the first, making wooden cabinets. When we start production, there will be a construction drawing. There are all the details, including materials, dimensions, and structure. We need to check if it is reasonable when we get the drawing. No problem, we started to prepare the wood, cut out the appropriate size, and then fixed them together according to the shape of our display cabinet.

This wall display cabinet is not disassembled, it is a whole. When we have finished the entire wooden cabinet, the next step is to polish and prime it. Baking paint is our surface treatment, it is a very important step. We can choose the color. After determining the color, our workers will start to color and spray. Then bake at a high temperature and let it stand for a while.

The last step of the installation is to install lights, transformers, and skirtings. We will provide a completed cabinet, which you can use directly after you receive the goods.

About Shipment

After the production of all the furniture is completed, we will send you pictures. After confirmation, you need to pay the balance and shipping. Then we will arrange transportation. Our shipping method is by sea, we can deliver to your port or the address you specify. The freight depends on the address and the volume of the goods. The transportation time is generally about 35 days.

How to order wall display cabinet?

The material, size, and price of this showcase are shown on the top. If you want to buy exactly the same, you can tell us that our MOQ is 1. If you want to change the size, the price will also change. You also need to tell us the quantity and color you want. After confirming all the details, we can start production.

What is your packaging?

We use wooden packaging, and there are foam boards in the box. We also pack the cabinet itself, so don’t worry.

What is your payment term?

Our payment term is 50% deposit and 50% balance payment before shipment.


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