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When you walk down the street or in a shopping mall, you can see the most out of the clothing boutique. Clothing and food industry services are the same as having a wide range of consumer groups. It is not only the fashion that young people pursue, but also the needs of the elderly and children. In this article, I want to introduce a very fine and high-end clothes store fixture. If you are interested in running your own clothing business, please follow me to see more details.  

clothes store fixtures

About this clothing shop:

When you first see this clothes store, you will find it very delicate and elegant. The whole store uses white as the main color, with a little fuchsia, very high-end atmosphere. we can find this store is not big, but the inside fixture layout is very comfortable and exquisite. 

The front and right part of this shop is opening, Guests can see the shop window display directly from the door. The other sides are placed on the high display wall flush with the top. The other two sides are placed on a high-profile wall that is flush with the top. Each individual cabinet with shelves and panel display . can according to different needs Put the clothes and accessories. the below of this stand is some drawers for storage.

In the middle of this kiosk is two long table showcase, also with an Arcuate platform. which can show the most popular styles of the season to attract customers’ attention, you will notice the whole kiosk celling with many spotlights and Gourd shape chandelier. looks very bright and attractive. Do you think it is a very good solution?

More information about it:

Size: Customized size, according to what the size you need, and the size of your store.clothes store

Color: Customized color, according to what the color you like.

Material: MDF, high glossy baking paint, tempered glass, stainless steel, acrylic logo, man-made stone, other nature wood veneer samples and so on.

Payment methord: Our payment is: 50% before producing, 50% + shipping freight before delivery, by T/T bank or Western Union.

Design fee: According to the size of your shop. It is about 500$ ~ 800$.

What can we do for you?

We(Shenzhen Unique Furniture Ltd) are a professional company. Not only a company, but also a factory. We have the professional designer team and the friendly serives team. Our designer will design for you accroding to your size and requirments. so you just tell our designer what you need and what your shop need. When our designer finish the design, If you don’t agree it. They will modify for you according to your idea. What is more, If you have any question, our salesman will help you when you need to solve it and our salesman will follow up your product process. Because our company is the direct factory, so the price also very cheap. The price is lower than our peers. So you will get the best quality products for the least money and you will get the best serives and best experience. Our company will try our best to let our customer feel satisfied, so believe our company and trust our company, we will make the product what you need.

Thanks for your time and reading, hope these cases will be helpful to your business. If you are attracted, or you are interested in starting your own retail business, as long as you have ideas, creative. We can integrate all your ideas into the design and construction of the entire store. For any questions or Suggestions, please feel free to click here, welcome inquiry! 

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