Perfume has become a necessity in our daily life. Perfume seems to be a symbol of people’s identity. People need to use perfume at work, parties, appointments, meetings, etc. Because perfume can reflect our personality and leave a deep impression on others. It is a great idea to start your own business. As many people perfer to buy everything in the mall center. Beside, renting a small location costs less in the mall center. Here is a customized perfume kiosk share with you.

Description about perfume booth

It is designed for our customer from Warszawa, black color always high level the shop design. As we can see in the picture, it covers an area of 2m by 2m. There are two round display counter in the corner to showcase perfume samples there for customers to try it. Meanwhile, there is a curved reception desk closed to it, people can pay bills here. You can also set glass showcase on the bottom to restore and display items. While on the outside wall, it is a light box painting for advertising. Besides, the high glass display cabinet in the other side can contain something valueable perferm. Do you like this perfume kiosk?

Design picture show


perfume cabinet

perfume booth perfume kiosk perfume stand

How to get the unique perfume kiosk?

  1. Let us know your requirements and ideas of the kiosk decoration. Include size, color, layout, etc.
  2. Send us a layout or kiosk style you like if possible. If you don’t have a style to go with, that’s ok. We can help you make design for your reference
  3. Make the unique design. The design takes about 2-3 business days to get the first drawing
  4. Check the design carefully. If you think somewhere not good enough, please let us know
  5. Modify the design and confirm it. You need to check the design carefully, so that you can get the right design you want.

If you need further information, please contact us soon.

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