High-End Cosmetic Shop Interior Design Skin Care Display Stand For Sale

Hello, friend, welcome to our company website. Are you plan to start your own cosmetic shop? If you still worried can not find a special and unique cosmetic store design. Maybe you can get the answer here. In this article, the one I wanna share is a very modern cosmetic shop design.


Cosmetic store customized 3D design:

  • Size: 10000x7000mm. it can customize based on your store size.
  • Material: plywood, laminate. metal.
  • Color: white, wooden color or other colors as you want.

We can see the whole store mainly tone is white and wood. The left and right part is some high display wall with wooden display shelves and makeup stand. All the wall display cabinets we have the storage cabinet below. The below 3d design is the whole shop effect, you can check the floor plan.

cosmetic shop

About this makeup shop 3D design:

When the guests enter the door, they choose and buy goods. At the end of the shop is the cashier desk. Customers can buy the goods directly after the purchase. The design of the feature wall is grass decoration with 3d lighted logo, very striking and beautiful. And the design of the cashier desk is wood grain color and acrylic luminous decoration. The overall effect of the shop is very bright, making guests feel comfortable with the tone.

The material of this cosmetic store mainly uses plywood with laminate. Or we can use MDF with white baking paint and wooden color veneer with varnish will be better. The frame of the display showcase we can use wood or metal. On the display showcase if you want to add the lighted logo we can add it to it then the customer can know the brand you sell.

cosmetic shop

How can I customize a cosmetic shop like this?

At first, please feel free to contact us and share all of your ideas with us. Such as the shop floor plan, your favorite color, style and your shop brand logo. And then we will discuss with our design team to help you make a new 3d cosmetic shop design. For the cosmetic shop design, usually, we will charge a 500-800USD design deposit. This depends on your shop size. And then we will send the 3d makeup shop design to you within 3-5 working days. After you check the 3d store design, we can discuss the layout, material, and then we can revise the design to your requirements.

We will work together to make the cosmetic shop design exactly what you want. Meanwhile, we will send you a detailed quotation to you after we finalize the shop design. Before we start the production of the shop display furniture, we will make a construction drawing for you to check all the details. 50% deposit before the production and then we will print out the drawings and send them to the factory.


How do the installation of the cosmetic store?

If the display showcase doesn’t have the lights or logo, then it doesn’t need to install the electricity. But if the display furniture has the lighted logo, lighted box, or any other lights, we will install the wires for you. Each showcase has a main wire. If the showcase is adjacent, we will install the male and female connectors of them. Then you can connect them together to your shop power supply then it will work.

We can also offer a free installation service for you. If you want to make a customize makeup store please don’t hesitate to contact us at Thank you!


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