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There are many candy store styles fitting cute and interesting theme, which is almost to attract the childen. As we all know, the candies not only a kind of popular snack for chilrdren, but also a leisure fast food for some occasions. The shop style plays an important role for the business. A good interior design can improve the your goods image and attract more customers for you. If you have a candy  store, you must think about its decoration. Are you looking for a new and different design for your candy shop? Next, please follow me to see one nice candy shop interior design.

Candy shop interior design details

Look at this picture, we can learn about it is a exact different design from other candy stores. The candies and shop decoration looks very high-end, and the candies are not common kind. The whole candy shop color tone is white and a little blue, it is a good color match. For this part, there are three round tables to display the candies with gift boxes. One cuboid tables with cabinets in the middle to show diferent kind candies. Candy shop interior designAnd the wall is designed with display shelves for many type candies and other items. At the wall, there are luminous logo side and some gold characters. One beautiful light is hanging at the ceiling. We can know this candies is for gifts, important festivals and occasions. People also can buy the most delicious candies here. This one candy shop give a luxury and high-end feeling to customers.

For this part, there are many tables and shelves with cabinets. There are many stands with 3 shelves on the tables to display disfferent candies, then customers can visit and buy the candies. There is the paper heart to decorate the stands. One big cash register is in here. And big blue brand logo sign is on the wall. It is a good show. You can not only put the candies items on the shelves but also can put some decorations, which will make the candy shop much beautiful and attractive. The material of these display stands is MDF, and the surface is the white baking paint. We can make the design according to the style and theme you want.

Candy shop interior designCandy shop interior designCandy shop interior design

3D design of shop decoration

If you have the floor plan of your candy shop, please send to us. And let’s talk about the style, color and layout you want or other requirements. Then our design will offer you the unique design for you shop. About the shop interior design, the design fee is about$600-$1000, which will be deducted from the total order amount. The design time is about 3-5 working days, which depend on your shop size which you want to decorate. If you want to make some changes of the design, it is no problem for us to modify it for you. Our aim is to help you get the best design and realize it. We have a professional design team, they will work with design together, so please don’t worry the quality and production.


We are a professional factory with export business over 10 years experience. Any type furniture, kiosk, display shelves, counters, showcase , cabinets etc. can be customize according to your size, style. We can offer you one different and unique design. If you are going to do any business and need the design please contact us to learn more about the details. We are willing to help you at any time.

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