Cosmetic retail kiosk—-Cosmetics are something that every woman cannot live without. She also plays a very important role in our daily life. When we go to work or meet customers, we all need to wear light makeup, which is a kind of respect for others. Makeup can also make us look more energetic. Sometimes, in order to satisfy our beauty needs, we also put on makeup when we go shopping. So cosmetics are very important. Where do you usually buy cosmetics?

Beautiful Cosmetic Retail Kiosk

I usually buy cosmetics online, but there are many things on the Internet, and some of them may be fakes. If you want to buy genuine products, I will go to the counter in the mall to buy them. Many brands in the mall are certified and are also very safe. They are kiosks that specialize in selling cosmetics. Look at this cosmetic display kiosk.

Size: customized according to your shop size.

Color: white and black or customized for you

Main material: MDF.

Surface: white and black paint finish.

Logo: acrylic Logo

Design time: need 2-3 workdays.

production time: about 22-28 workdays.


From the design drawing, we can see that it is divided into two counters, with a passage in the middle. Different products are placed in different areas, we can choose freely. Each product has a trial package, we can use them to try the effect. The mirror above the counter can help us better choose the cosmetics that suit us. We can see that its display is trapezoidal, and each layer can be used for display so that our display capacity will be a little more.

Cosmetic Retail Kiosk Design Idea

We are a customized company, and most of our kiosks are designed according to customers’ ideas. We will design this kiosk based on customer requirements, products, and shopping mall requirements.

Its main color is black, and generally, the countertops on which we display products are white. So this kiosk can be designed as a combination of black and white. On our cabinet, we can see that we have designed some white areas to install our black logo. This looks very brief and atmospheric.

Our cash register is designed on the inside, and above it is a rectangular high stand. We can put our logo on it so that customers in the distance can also see us. The lightbox painting of our products can also be placed on the stand. It is decorative.

Mall Cosmetic Retail Kiosk Order

This is our customer’s kiosk. If you are also in the cosmetics industry, and you want to do a kiosk in the mall to start your business. The following is the process of ordering a customized kiosk, you can take a look.

  1. Tell me your mall space, send me your favorite kiosk picture(if you have), color and logo. We will make the cosmetic retail kiosk design first. Kiosk design time is about 2 working days.
  2. Confirm the kiosk design and get the mall approval. you can pay a 50% deposit for production.
  3. Production time is about 22-28 working days. When finish the design, I will send you the pictures. You can see the complete kiosk. Then you can pay a 50% balance payment.
  4. After receiving the balance and freight, we will arrange transportation.

Design Details

Before we design, you need to pay a 300USD design fee. Then we can start a design, when finishing the design, I will send you. If you want to modify it, you can tell me. We will modify it until you are satisfied.

Our size, color, and shape are all customizable, everything can be done according to your requirements. We can provide 3D drawings and detailed size drawings required by the shopping mall.

Kiosk and shipping cost

Our kiosk price is based on the final design. We need to know its size, material, and style. Shipping cost depends on your port and the volume of the goods. You can send me your port and I can give you an estimated shipping cost. The specific freight price should be checked again before shipment.


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