High End 10ft by 15ft Jewelry Kiosk Use in the USA

jewelry kiosk

Are you looking for a luxury jewelry kiosk for business? In recent years, jewelry kiosks become popular, because of huge profits and treasures. Today, I want to share a nice jewelry kiosk with you, it’s for a customer from America. No matter when you need a jewelry kiosk, we can customize it for you.

Description of a jewelry kiosk

This jewelry kiosk is fit for a location size of 10ft by 15ft. It has glass display counters on 4 sides, and an individual counter in the center. The main color of the jewelry kiosk is white color with high gloss effects.

jewelry showcaseLayout information

As we can see in the design, this jewelry kiosk has glass counters with oblique displays. That is completely in the customer’s line of sight, to better show the jewelry products to the customer.  The top of the jewelry counter has glass cabinets with sliding drawers, it is convenient to use.

4 corners have a hexagonal display counter, it can improve the space utilization of jewelry kiosks and enhance your store level. It also has high-level cabinets on the countertop, you can place hot sale items to attract eyes’ attention. All the cabinets have a light lamp under each shelving to increase brightness.

The middle area has a counter with a brand signage stand, you can set cashier register here. You can also use it as a working area.

Real photos show

The jewelry kiosk has flooring light, looks very attractive, and high light your shop. You can also view all the details during the production process. If you need a jewelry kiosk, just contact us. We can build unique kiosk for you.

jewelry shop jewelry cabinet

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