Are you looking for juice kiosk? Do you want to start your business by open a juice stall in the mall center? Because of the characteristics of freshly squeezed juice products, if you want to open a freshly squeezed juice store, you can basically only open it in big shopping malls. Other places can only be opened unless they are particularly good.

Why open the juice stall in the mall center?

1. Freshly squeezed juice can only be expensive, with an average price of about 12 per cup. Fruit cost is not the main reason for the high price of freshly squeezed juice.

2. Shopping malls are one of the three major shopping channels in the future, with a lot of people. With the development of the Internet and logistics, the three major shopping channels for people in the future are basically shopping malls, supporting shops around communities, and mobile phones.

3. The shopping mall crowd has a high acceptance of fresh juice. People are more able to accept freshly squeezed fruit juices. They  think that natural ones are healthier without added.

4. Shopping malls have strong spending power. People nowadays have strong consumption power, and can accept the high price of freshly squeezed juice.

Let’s talk about the cost of opening a store

1. For example, the rent of 15 square meters in a shopping mall is 10,000 US dollars (specifically, each shopping mall will be different).

2. The design and decoration fee is about 7000 US dollars. For a new business, a new design is necessary. Because people want to buy things from the beautiful decoraiton shop. When your juice kisok catch them, they are likely to buy a cup of fresh juice from you.

3. You should spend money for advertising. If you don’t want to follow the word-of-mouth route, it will help you save much cost.

Real picture show

juice kiosk juice booth jiuce stand juice showcase

If you have any new idea about juice stall decoration, please feel free to contact us. We are glad to share more information with you and make a new 3D design to show you. Thank you.

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