Green commercial fresh juice bar kiosk in mall for sale 

Hello friend, summer is coming. are you plan to start your own juicer store? are you looking for juice bar kiosk? are you still worried can’t find the right supplier help you do it? in this article what I wanna introduce is a very exquisite fresh juice bar kiosk design. if you’re interested to start your own food business, pls follow me see more details below.


juice bar kiosk

When we see this kiosk first eye, I’m sure you will love it. The whole kiosk using green as the main tone, match some brown wood grain and white. Look very exquisite and elegant.

The front part of this kiosk with a big display fridge, mainly for display fruit. The next to is a cashier counter for order. The right sides of this kiosk is a topping area with glass cover. The back side is a long counter with white Corian worktop, can put some machine on it, on the corner is a stainless steel sink. The counter below part with many cabinets for storage. And the bottom of the whole kiosk with stainless steel skirting.  


juice bar kiosk

As you see the whole kiosk surface with much brown wood grain strip, match luminescence acrylic logo. Looks very nice and attractive.

Size :3600x2450mm.or custom.

Color: green, brown wood grain, white or others.

Material: plywood, Laminate, Corian.

Accessories: logo, glass, sink.

Service: juice, coffee. fruit tea.

The inner layout includes two sinks, a topping, small cash register counter, high sign and a refrigerator. When we design, please tell us the equipment you need, so we can add it to the design for you, and you can see the whole effect.

Design process

juice bar kiosk

We are mainly doing customization and everyone has different ideas, so we do not have the same design, different sizes and different layouts, so we recommend making a new 3D design first based on your requirements. Before designing, we need to charge 300 US dollars as design deposit. We will deduct it from the order price, and we will be responsible for your design, please don’t worry.

Our design time is 2 working days, which is allowed to be modified to ensure that the design meets your requirements. When you confirm the final design, you can submit it to the mall for approval. If the mall center has requirements for the design, we can modify the design according to the mall requirements to help you get the pass as soon as possible. And move to production.

The unique kiosk as a direct supplier, we mainly do customize and design for the different type of mall kiosk and display kiosk. We can design basic on the personal requirement. If you’re interested to start a juice store like this one, pls feel free to contact us. Welcome inquiry.


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