Green color pharmacy store fixtures with display rack design for sale

Hey Guys! Did you plan to start your own pharmacy store? Are you still worried can’t find a special design and suitable furnitures? Here you will find what you want. In this article, this one I wanna share is a very popular Green color pharmacy store fixtures with display rack design for sale. let’s see more details together.

About this pharmacy store:

As we can see, the color of the whole pharmacy is basically green and white. Let’s see on the left side of the first picture, there are green and white display kiosks against the wall to display different medicines. And there is a green and white cashier reception desk in the middle of the display kiosk against the wall. The work part is the green mesa and the lower half is the white bottom.

As can be seen from the second picture, there are also white display kiosks in the aisle to display medicines. It is 1.2m length with tempered glass display and led light strip decoration. The bottom is more wooden shelves, it is very nice to display more products. There are also display kiosks on the right wall to display different drugs, and all the display cabinets on the right wall have storage kiosks for storing drugs. Under the irradiation of spotlights and the big window, the furniture of the whole pharmacy is very bright and the design is very distinct, which meets the needs of modern people. You can see the whole store ceiling and floor are using green color, The curved display wall can be well applied to the layout of the whole store, it’s very modern and high-end. Look vrey nice. Do you like this pharmacy store design?

How can I build a pharmacy shop like this one? 

1. At first, you need to find a place to start your design. Such as, the place on the shopping center, the place on the street or any other place.

2.If you find a place,you must to make the place manager to agree you idea

3. you should find a professional design team helps you make a 3d design. It will help you to see the design more clearly. and it can help you to have a your own design about your shop.

4.You should to find a custom company,because customized furnitures is very nice to make it fit the whole store.

5. Confirmed the design and drawings, start production it. install and start your business. 

All in all, We(Shenzhen Unique Furniture Ltd) are a professional company. It is not only a company,but also a factory. We have a professional team. It inludes a professional design team and a friendly serives team, and our designer will according your requirements and size to make design for you again and again, until you feel satisifed. What is more, our price is lower than our peers, It is good for you to control your costs. And our materials all have high quality, so do not worry it, we will try our best tp ;et you feel satisifed. We also have a three years warranty period, as long as it is not man made damage, we will support the warranty period within three years. We still always here to give you serives and we hope we will help you to solve your problems.

Unique kiosk as a direct manufacturer, we mainly work on the design and customize different types of pharmacy store fixtures.  if you’re interested to start your own pharmacy store, it’s necessary to contact us to get more information, welcome inquiry!


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