Golden Stainless Steel Clothing Store Racks and Shelves For Sale

Because people’s lives getting happier, people have higher and higher requirements for their own clothes. People not only have to dress warmly, but also like to dress beautifully. This is the basic requirement for the apparel industry to adapt to social development. Women’s clothing indispensable for current female friends. Some girls can open a clothing store for their clothes at home. But if they are shopping, they will not hesitate to buy clothes that they like.

The stainless steel clothing display rack is a kind of shelf made by cutting and welding the stainless steel tube as the main raw material. It is mainly used for placing and hanging clothing in stores and specialty stores. At present, the mainstream stainless steel clothing display rack has a relatively definite shape. And the difference between high-end and ordinary is the treatment of the joints and the use of stainless steel tubes. The cheap shape is relatively simple. And can finished by cutting the stainless steel tube and then welding. If you need more high-end products, you need to use stainless steel planing and welding to make stainless steel pipes. The welding place needs to polished/wired to make it look together.


3D design of the stainless steel clothing shop display racks and shelves:

This is a high-end clothing shop design. The main material of the shop display is stainless steel clothing display racks. This can use to display the clothing. Then the customer can see clearly your clothes and choose and wear them. We can customize the clothing shop fixture for you with your shop floor plan. If you want other store styles, we can also make it for you.


Please feel free to contact our sales team to discuss your requirements. And then we will make the 3d design for you.

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