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Hello everyone, today we will introduce delicate garment store design clothes shop furniture for sale. The decoration of a store is equivalent to the face of a person. Only if the store is well decorated can consumers be attracted to the store. But how can a clothing store stand out on a Street ? Now let’s learn how to decorate the clothing store to attract customers.  


How to decorate the garment store interior design ?

1.The display need to be neat and orderly. If a clothing store, clothes are piled up together. Customers are not interested in picking or treating it as defective or out-of-season clothes. Therefore, the clothing display should be as attractive as possible without obstruction. At the same time, we must pay attention to the matching of colors. The choice of warm and cold colors will also seriously affect the purchase of customers.  


2.Lighting decoration options. Clothing store clothes are sometimes sold not only for quality, but also for the environment. Just like eating, everyone likes an elegant, spacious and comfortable place. The same is true for clothing stores. The choice of lighting should be coordinated with the overall style of the clothing store, generally with bright and simple lights.  



3.Keep the passage smooth .Many misunderstandings in clothing stores are that the channel is set quite narrowly, and I wish to put more clothing on both sides of the middle. However, such narrowness and lack of patency often cause customers to be crowded and unable to choose clothes. Therefore, the channel should be kept open. And at the same time, there must be guidance to make customers willing to continue.  



4.What style and color should the shop be decorated to attract customers in? The colors of the clothing store should be unified. And the colors of the clothing and the decoration should be harmoniously integrated. So that people can see the main color of the store at a glance. But the unity here is not to make the clothes and the decoration colors completely consistent. So that the store will appear very monotonous and dull.  


introduce of the garment store design

The basic color is pink and white, very fresh and elegant, giving a warm feeling to customers. The clothes  shop furniture is lovely and creative like trees, chairs like flowers. The wallpaper of the wall  is flower pattern. There are some  nice furnishings on the window display area like birdcage,tree shape, trapezoidal ladder. It can catch the attention of the customers.       grament store design grament store design grament store design  

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