Freshly squeezed fruit juice is rich in vitamins and nutrients. And is a popular drink for men, women, and children. This is a fresh juice bar kiosk with an attractive design. And this juice food kiosk can sell fruit juice, waffle, yogurt, ice cream, and many other foods. You can see the below design of the juice kiosk is we customize for our customer. This customer contacted us and want to make a juice kiosk and also sell other foods. Our customer told us the size of his location and his requirements. Then our design team makes this juice food booth for our customers.

Juice Bar Kiosk Details

On the countertop, you can put some small equipment machines. Something like a crepe machine, Pos machine, waffles machine, and some toppings for displaying the ice cream. The top has the customer’s brand logo “YummiFrutty”. Meanwhile, the below has some wood board to show the name for different foods the customer sell. We make the wood strip design to cover the roll ice cream machines. Then the customer will not see your machines from outside. It can hide your machines to make the kiosk more good look.

I like the acrylic lighted design of this crepe food kiosk. As you can see from the below 3d design, it has the acrylic strip on the kiosk. Those acrylic strips can light up and make the juice bar kiosk look good. The material of this juice mall kiosk is plywood with laminate, solid wood strip, acrylic lighted strip, and white color man-made stone countertop.

Size: 3x2m

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint, solid wood

Decoration: Luminous logo, the acrylic light strip

Glass: Tempered glass

Production time: About 28 working days

Our location: Shenzhen, China

Juice Bar Kiosk Production

We are a customized company with our own design team and factory. All our products are purely handmade and customized. Our factory and office are very close, so we can monitor the production situation at any time. When we confirm the design, we will start to submit the construction drawings to the factory. They will produce a kiosk according to the details of the construction drawings.

We will install the logo, topping, decoration, lights, and sockets, etc. We use stainless steel pipes for the top pillars. You need to provide the text on the wooden signboard, as well as logo files, etc.

 Juice Bar Kiosk Assemble

Our kiosk is produced in several parts. After the production is completed, we will install and connect the wires. However, it is packed in several cabinets during transportation. So when you receive the goods, you also need to assemble them. Because of the socket, glass and logo, we have all installed it. You only need to put them together according to the position of the design drawing when you receive the goods. Connect the connectors below them, and then connect the main power supply to the mall.

The installation on the top is the same. The wires will be connected to the top through a stainless steel tube, which is directly inserted into the cabinet below. If you still don’t understand, we can send you an installation video during production.

How to order the kiosk?

If you have a space in the mall, you can send me your location size, and tell me your business or requirements. Then we can help a design first. We have our design team. They will help us to create a new design. Then you can send to your mall for approval. Our design is allows modification. We can help you to get approval.

Design is the first and most important step. Because it takes the most time. Production is done in accordance with the design drawings. So after confirming the design, the rest is easy.

The design fee is 300USD, design time is 2-3 working days. When we place an order , it will be returned to you.


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