Fruit Juice Bar Lemon Juice Kiosk For Shopping Mall

Juice and lemon juice is a favorite beverage all over the world. Fresh fruit juice is good for our health. Lemon juice is rich in vitamins, can prevent and eliminate skin pigmentation, and play a whitening role.

The benefits of lemon juice:

For female friends, drinking more lemon juice has a good whitening effect. Lemon juice is rich in citric acid, which has a very good effect of eliminating skin pigmentation, can effectively inhibit the accumulation of melanin. And achieve a very good whitening and skin care effect.

The antioxidant effect of lemon juice helps deal with free radical damage in the body and ease the aging process. Its rich vitamin C can help amino acids synthesize collagen, protect the skin, and prevent premature wrinkles. 

So do you want to start a food business, I think fresh fruit juice and lemon juice is good for you.

The design of the fresh fruit juice bar kiosk:

This design is a fresh style, the size is 10x10ft, this is a very famous kiosk for the shopping mall. The front side is a small cashier counter and some toppings for food material. The back side is a small bar counter, it has 4 bar chairs for customers. So that the customer can have a rest and chat with their friends while having food and drink. And inside the countertop, you can put some equipment machine on it and with a sink. The right side is a small display fridge, its size is about 0.9m long. And under the countertop, you can put small equipment. Or we can make some drawers and cabinets for storage.

The front side, the left side, the back side and the top all have the logo. We can customize the logo for you. So if you have your logo brand, please send it to us and then we will make it on the kiosk. For the color of the juice bar kiosk, you can choose any colors you want. We have the Pantone color for you to choose the color. If you want to have any idea about the juice kiosk please feel free to get back to us or we can discuss it together.

How to make a fresh juice kiosk design?

1. The customer needs to tell us the shopping area size, the logo and favorite style of product.
2. We will make the new juice kiosk design according to your requirements.
3.  300USD design deposit before design. This design deposit will refund to you after you order the juice bar kiosk.
4. Design time normally 3-5 days after we receive the design deposit.
5. We will send the design to you to check design. If you check it any area needs to change, our designer will modify it, 3 times free change.
6. After the design plan approved by you, then we will start the production for the juice kiosk.

About Unique Kiosk 

1. Operation Philosophy: Loyalty, Practicality, Innovation, Development, Win-win.
2. Enterprise Slogan: People foremost, Leading service, Detail-oriented, Quality management.
3. Enterprise Spirit: Kind, Cooperative, Pragmatic, Innovative, and Dare to be No.1.
4. Enterprise Promise: Unique will set up a stage for everyone to fulfill their dreams.
5. Talent Concept: Our standard of talent is infinite and our need for talent is limitless.
6. Outstanding employee is the basis of our development, not all that glitters.
We are the best choice for you if you want to make a fresh fruit juice kiosk. So please feel free to contact our team for more details about the juice bar kiosk. Or email us at sales08@uniquekiosk.com. We will offer you the best service!
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