Fresh style medicine shop display shelf pharmacy interior design

The successful operation of a medicine shop depends not only on correct management strategy but also on ingenious decoration design. A good pharmacy decoration design can not only improve the overall image of the pharmacy store.

But also bring a more comfortable shopping experience to customers and harvest customers’ goodwill and trust. Pharmacy shop decoration should consider the appearance design, interior design, display case color collocation, lighting design these key parts.



The cashier area of the pharmacy shop has 5 cashier counters. All white color and the front is a white lighted acrylic, it can put the posters here. On the back of the cashier area is the wall display cabinet with the shelf display. You can display some hot sale products then the customer can see when they pay.

The back wall of the pharmacy shop has many wall display cabinets. It has the led strip light on the top to light up the products and the bottom part is the drawers can put some storage. In the middle of the pharmacy shop has the display stand with glass shelves. The size of the display stand we can customize as your shop size.

On the wall has many display shelves and the glass display showcase. Except for the display area, there is a seating area in the middle of the medicine shop. For the lighting color of the pharmacy we’d better use white, because it is not appropriate to choose some colorful lighting, which will appear very unprofessional. But in some commodity display cabinets or advertising light boxes can be used a little conspicuous but not too publicity color, to attract customers’ attention.


We are a customized store display furniture factory. Meanwhile, we have a professional design team that can make a whole pharmacy store design for you. If you want to start a medicine shop, please feel free to contact us for more details.

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