Not too much mall kiosk in mall will allow you to have a roof. But still some kiosk will do . Here blow is a multi purpose fast food kiosk connect can use for juice bar & bakery business. You can either opening a bread bakery kiosk or crepes waffles by adapting this following concept.

The most great use on wooden make the whole kiosk outstanding and executing . As food concession kiosk in all . you must make the kiosk very unique and customer can see it and remember it at first glance.  Especially kiosk design with a roof , you can maximum display your brand and products.

Unique kiosk is experience expert on mall food kiosk and retail display . If you are looking for high quality kiosk or commercial furniture with affordable cost. here will be the right place to go.
juice kiosk design bread kiosk concept snack kiosk design fruit kiosk design in mall

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