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Bakery storefront design

1. When designing a cake shop, it is better to use glass for the outer wall of the cake room. Customers can see the food in the shop at first glance, which is undoubtedly an invisible advertisement for themselves. Moreover, as an exterior wall, glass is easier to clean.

2. The decoration style and grade of the cake house will determine your future consumers. The current store decoration generally has a clean and bright modern fashion style. In a warm and comfortable Japanese style. With individual and atmospheric European style, etc. Determine the decoration style and grade of the store according to the consumer groups of the store site.

3. The next most important thing is the layout of the store, the work counter area, the guest seating area, the kitchen, the bathroom, and so on. All need to plan carefully.

4. The display area in the store must be placed outside, and the leisure area must be placed inside, so that customers passing by can see our products at a glance, thereby generating a desire to buy, which is also an important magic weapon for the bakery to increase turnover. A clean and bright environment will help you win customers.

How to customize a bakery shop design?

We have a professional design team can make a new bakery food store with your shop size and logo.

For the store design we will charge 500$ design deposit but it will deduce from the total cost.

After you check the first 3D rendering, we will make changes if you want.

Our team will help you to finish the design until the shopping mall manager or landlord approved.

Let’s get started to make it!!!





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