Are you looking for good optical shop design? are you still worried can’t find a direct manufacturer help you do it? Unique kiosk mainly works on the design and customized different types of retail shop and display fixtures. In this article what I wanna introduce is a very fashional optical shop design with retail display fixtures for sale.

Basic information about this optical shop:

  • Size: 80sqm.or customized based on your store.
  • Color: white, black, red.
  • Material: MDF, tempered glass. stainless steel.
  • Service: Myopic glasses, reading glasses, sunglasses.
  • Accessories: acrylic logo, spotlight. 

You can see the whole optical shop mainly tone is white, black and red. The total store is about 80sqm, the front part is opening, with glass door and Suspension display. In the middle are some display stand and some seating area. The left is some decoration wall with round and square shape shelves for display.

optical shop furniture

The right sides are some high display wall with some wooden display shelves and Aluminum groove plate. At the bottom part is some wooden cabinet. The back sides of this store is a wooden wall with some display shelves, looks very nice. 

optical shop furniture

How can I customize an optical shop like this one?

1. Have ideas for whole shop style and service. Make sure there are sufficient development market and consumer group.

2. Rent a store or a lease in a shopping mall. But need sure the location environment, Bustling, with enough people flow. If you have your own storefront, then you can decide all the details on your own. On the contrary, if it is used in the shopping mall. It must meet the criteria of the shopping mall. ( Usually mall criteria mainly for material, height, and electrical wire safety. If your design team enough professional and experience. It’s Easy to approve).

3. Find a direct supplier make a 3d design and drawings.  — As a direct supplier, before deciding we will confirm the shop layout, style, color match, material request, etc . Also can give you some professional advice. Then we will start design and put all of your ideas on it. Confirmed the design and start making drawings. ( You can see all details here, with each part size material and surface finished details, will according to the drawings production ) .

4. Install the whole shop and start operating, You can hire several people to help you if the shop enough big.

optical shop furniture


Design time + production time + transportation time.

Our design time is usually 3-4 working days. We will design based on your requirements. You can modify and add new ideas. The production time is 22-25 working days, it is all handmade and quality is guaranteed. The shipping time is one month by sea, you can tell me the port of destination so that we can check the time and cost for you.

Thanks for your time and reading. Unique kiosk as a direct manufacturer, we mainly work on a design and customize different types of retail optical store, optical display fixtures. If you’re interested to start your optical store business. Also can check our cell phone shop furniture page to check more related design. Welcome inquiry!

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