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Shoes, everyone has a lot of shoes, and need to buy every year, so opening a shoe shop is very profitable. In order to stand out in many shoe stores, the decoration of shoe stores is very important.

We should pay attention to the collocation effect of the display cabinet and the store as a whole so that the guests feel comfortable. The following article shares with you about “how to decorate a shoe store? How much does it cost to open a shoe shop?”  



Today we want to introduce a fashion style shoe shop design to you.

For a shoe shop design, be sure to design a storefront enough to attract the eye, which is also the premise to attract customers into the store.

The storefront decoration must be consistent with the grade of the products sold.


So when we design for the shoe shop, we need to make attention to matching your shoe display furniture to your overall layout and shop style. For the ceiling decoration and the flooring of the shoe shop usually use white or other simple colors, it is better to use a bright color.

On the wall of a shoe shop, we can make some lighted boxes or the advertising TV for promotion and decoration. And the most important is the shoe shop display furniture, we can make some wall display glass showcase and the display stand on the middle of the shoe shop. Meanwhile, we need to make some sitting areas for customers convenience to sit down and try on shoes.


Shenzhen Unique Furniture Ltd. provides a customized shoe store design service. And we offer the best quality and best sale service. We are not a trading company but a direct factory. From design to delivery, we will follow up in the whole course so that let our customers can trust us with everything.

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