Hello everyone, today we will introduce fashion shoes store furniture display design for sale. Before we begin this topic, i want to know: How many pairs of shoes do you have. Generally speaking. A man may have some pairs: leather shoes, casual shoes, sports shoes. Maybe just one pair of shoes in each kind. But the woman is not the same as the man. There are maybe 5 pairs of shoes in the kinds of casual shoes. The high heels may even 10 pairs. Why people are addicted to buying  shoes? Here are some reasons  


why people are addicted to buying the shoes

1.Buy the shoes for hobby.the man likes to collect the sneakers if sports are their favorite. They buy the sneakers as the favorite equipment. If the shoes were endorsed by a sports star, then the man is more desired to own this shoes even the price is high. For a women,  if she is ballet lover, then she must have many ballets shoes. If she likes to wear a skirt, then she will be addicted to buying high heels.   2.Many people like to collect shoes. Many shoes have high appreciation of and collection value if the shoes designed by famous shoe designer. Or if the shoes are limited edition.then many people will rush to buy it.   3.Buy shoes to match clothes. Like a suit matches leather shoes. sportswear match Sportshoes, coat match boots. Princess dress  match high heels, A different dress needs different shoes to be matched.    



more details about the shoes store furniture display we recently designed.

From the picture we see that this shoe store style is base on gray color, Which makes the store looks high-end design. There are  Some shoes counters ,shoes display racks. We even decorate the wall as a showcase to show the shoe. The blue color cushion  provide the function as chair.  People can relax on theirselves while they are tired. And the people can try on shoes sitting on it.



shoes store shoes store shoes store    

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